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Benefits of Online Therapy

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, online services have been in high demand across many professions, and the ability to offer quality mental health therapy has been significantly enhanced in this way. Online or telehealth psychological services help clients bypass many barriers to getting care, including commute times, the need for transportation, or simply the stress of finding an office.  

Is Online Therapy For Me?

While many clients may prefer in-person therapy, online therapy has been shown to be as effective as traditional in-office sessions. 

  • Ease of access. Online therapy is accessible to those in remote locations, and is more convenient for those with a chronic illness or other disability impacting physical movement.

  • Therapy from the comfort of your home. Stay relaxed on your own couch, with your pillow and blanket, maybe snuggled up with your favorite pet. Avoid the hassle of dealing with traffic or inclement weather.

  • Fit a session into your workday. Online therapy allows you to maximize your schedule, giving you more options for session times without having to travel to your therapist's office, and saves you valuable time to put towards work or quality time with family when you're home. 

  • Greater options for the right fit for YOU. Not only can you stay where you are and bring therapy-and your ideal therapist-to you, but you also have a wider range of best-fit therapists across your home state.

  • Affordability. When you attend your session from your home, you don't have to pay for gas for your car, childcare for your kids, or overpriced parking. Saving some money brings greater peace of mind, too. 

Start today and schedule your free consultation to begin online therapy in Texas or online counseling in California. I specialize in providing help with anxiety, support for major life changes, and healing from painful life experiences. I truly can't wait to meet you.
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