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Bring balance and connection back into your life.

Meet Amy Duckwall, PsyD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and EMDR therapist in California and Texas

All your life, you've
done everything that was expected
of you.


Got the grades.

Made the team.

Kept the peace at home with your parents and siblings.

Didn’t. Make. Waves.


Landed the job.

Show up on time (which feels late).

Got the promotion. Then the raise.

Found the dream relationship. Had the kids.

Bought the dream house.

Made everything work JUST RIGHT.


You go along to get along, yep, that’s you 100%. 

You’ve worked hard to solve your own problems, because that’s what you’re usually good at doing: figuring out how to make it work, get things done, fix shit, handle it all. You’ve even talked to your friends, your parents, and your coworkers when you were out of ideas.


Maybe you’ve thought about trying therapy but when you look online for a therapist, something holds you back from making that call to schedule an appointment. 

You’re ready to stop reinventing the wheel and get help that WORKS.

You are not alone.

Hey there, I'm Amy. It's really good to meet you, wherever and however you are.

I work with clients who are looking for connection and support in their effort to get out from underneath the stress and guilt. Therapy with me offers a safe, supportive space within which to explore how you got to this fraught place, what you’d like to be different, and how to move forward.

We’ll work together collaboratively to give you a view of yourself that is authentic, with self-compassion and trust in yourself as someone who is valued, important, and who deserves kindness and respect.

Your past informs your current challenges, but we’ll use what we learn together to put you on a path toward a more balanced and empowered future.

Join me to do the hard work to look under the surface and learn how to feel more connected to yourself, your loved ones, and your life.

Together, we’ll: 

  • Build a better toolbox filled with coping resources and strategies to reduce stress and anxiety

  • Break down problematic relationship habits and self-esteem challenges  

  • Help you communicate your emotional needs 

  • Show you how to get what YOU want from yourself and others 

I'll support you in learning valuable tools for reducing stress and anxiety, setting boundaries and improving your relationships and how you feel about your life.

I’m here to help you reduce anxiety and overwhelm, rework painful past experiences, and set boundaries within relationships so that you can feel seen, heard, and authentically connected to your life.

What's it like to work with me?

As a recovering overthinker and perfectionist who’s worked in the mental health field for nearly 20 years, I bring empathy and compassionate, engaging collaboration (along with a dose of humor and irreverence) into my work with all clients.


Life these days is HARD, and everyone deserves a safe place to unload their problems and stress and start figuring out how to shift gears toward a more balanced, connected sense of self.


I'm an EMDR-trained therapist who is trauma-informed in all of the therapy I provide, and my experience as a neuropsychologist offers a unique perspective of how anxiety, trauma, and other challenges impact how we use our brains. 

brain and outline of a lightbulb above

Why I'm the best therapist for you: 

Clients describe me as tuned into their needs in a way that helps them feel heard and supported. I’m not afraid to admit when I make a mistake or fumble an interaction, and I value the insight that comes from talking with my clients about how we experience each other in the therapy relationship, both good and challenging.


The dual combination of honesty and vulnerability I share with my clients enhances the process of clients learning how to trust themselves and share their genuine self with the rest of the world.


I show up as a real person, with real reactions and real empathy that’s dusted occasionally with real curse words and a smartass sense of humor. No topic is off-limits, and the focus stays on YOU. You’re in the driver’s seat and I’m going to help you draw a map of where you’ve been and how to get where you want to go.



This method of therapy is an ideal way to help you process painful life experiences from your past in a way that gives you room to breathe and move forward into your future without reliving things that happened to you. EMDR focuses on painful memories and somatic experiences and gives you ways to reprocess them safely so they don’t overpower your daily life anymore. You don’t have to figure it out alone anymore.

Interpersonal Therapy

Find ways to feel better through more effective communication and learn how your relationships connect to your emotions. You are the expert of your life, and I’m here to join you in rediscovering your strengths and to help you solve problems in your relationships that are creating distress and difficulty. This might include aspects of grief and loss, problems getting into or staying in relationships, or major life changes you’re going through. Therapy with me gives you nonjudgmental support and compassionate collaboration.


Learn more about how your brain works to protect you from trauma and teach you valuable coping skills. Years of experience as a neuropsychologist has given me a deep understanding of how our brains process information and what strategies are effective in reducing the impact of symptoms of anxiety, depression, ADHD, and other diagnoses on daily life. Work with me to learn more about what your brain works the way it does and how to use your innate strengths to add tools to your toolbox of strategies to solve your struggles.

Live the emotionally-fulfilling, lower-stress life you’ve always wanted. Schedule your free 15-minute consultation with me to get started now.

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