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The only constant is...change.

Maybe you’ve struggled with a major life event recently, and you’ve been feeling stuck, or have felt a surge in emotional distress of some kind, like anxiety or depression. Maybe you got promoted, or just retired, or just graduated but still don't know what to do with your life.


Maybe you moved halfway across the country and don't know anyone or where anything is. Maybe you don't even know YOU anymore.

Life is full of change. There are changes we are in control of, we anticipate, we even look forward to. Then there are the unexpected changes-both good and NOT so good-that leave us reeling and scrambling to make sense of EVERYTHING.


Many people notice the impact of change within their relationships--and sometimes the change is the relationship itself.​  


If you are experiencing a life transition – and especially if you are new to therapy – I am here to help you in this part of your life’s journey. Maybe you have recently relocated...had a baby…gotten married or divorced...had a parent pass away…graduated...retired...or received a medical diagnosis. All of these experiences are BIG, and it’s really hard to predict how you’ll react to any of them until they happen.  

Therapy for Change

For many of us, any big change usually comes with a lot of STRESS. And we all have our ways we attempt to manage that stress. Some people talk with friends or family; others journal or go for hikes or bike rides; maybe you do both together and the stress subsides--for a while.


But there are some changes that create more stress than our typical coping skills can handle. That's when it can be helpful to reach out to an expert, like a therapist, to learn new ways to cope with huge stressors and challenging new changes in your life. 

Reach out to me today and let's talk about how you're trying to manage stress in your life, and what you may want to consider adding to your tried-and-usually-true coping skills. The first step in managing change can feel scary and overwhelming, but I am here to guide you and cheer your success!

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