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Therapy in person and online throughout California and online in Texas. Saturday sessions available now. 

Restore your connection with yourself and in your relationships

Therapy for anxiety, trauma, and relationship stress


Does this sound like you?

You have:


The house you imagined.

The dream career you worked for.

The family you always wanted.   

Great friends and a fabulous partner. 

The answers to everyone else’s problems. 

 Everything going well…on paper.  

But you feel:

Anxious that it isn’t good enough.

Burned out from working SO HARD.

Overwhelmed by all the demands.

Disconnected from yourself and everyone else. Lonely.

Confused about how to fix things for yourself.

Lost. Stuck. Defeated. Paralyzed. 

You really want:

​Things to feel…easier. Just a little.  

That harsh inner critic to just BE QUIET FOR ONCE.    

The past to stay in the past.  

SLEEP. Just…sleep.   

​But you’re afraid that:

If you tell anyone you’re really struggling, you’ll be seen as a failure.

That inner critic might be…right.

All the fears and pain aren’t ever going to go away. 

The nightmares and intrusive thoughts are here to stay.


The reality is, you're:

  • Anxious and burning out fast

  • Overthinking everything, especially mistakes

  • Doubting yourself all the time

  • Stuck in the past, or terrified of the future

  • Unable to say no to other people’s needs

  • Afraid of rejection, criticism, or abandonment

  • Feeling…lost and confused


Amy Duckwall therapist in person Orange County

Hi there. I'm Amy. I've been there and done all of that, and it's stressful, confusing, and frustrating. You deserve to have your life look and feel way YOU want it to.


I believe everyone is valued and is allowed to feel better. You DO deserve immediate relief from anxiety, painful past experiences, and relationship challenges. I’ll help you find that relief and stay feeling better by uncovering the patterns and habits that have led to the current chaos.

My clients are stressed-out, anxious adults who want to stop doubting themselves and begin setting healthy boundaries to find happiness and calm in their relationships, at work or school, everywhere.

Join me to do the hard work to learn from the past, look under the surface, and feel more connected to yourself, your loved ones, and your life.

I hear you. I see you. I GET YOU.
And I'm here to help.

Specializing in

image of woman with anxiety biting a pencil


On edge. Burned out. Overthinking. Panic. Do you experience any of these? Anxiety is something many of us encounter, particularly in the last few years, but it doesn't have to hold you back forever. Learn how to conquer your anxiety and achieve a better life balance. I'll teach you valuable coping skills and guide you in getting to the heart of your anxiety so that you can move through your life areas with more success and less stress.

image of changing leaves to represent life changes

Life Transitions

Change is inevitable, and it can also be really hard. Sometimes life shifts in the blink of an eye. This can create anxiety and confusion as you struggle to make sense of your experience and figure out why this time seems particularly challenging to accept and move past. You don’t need to untangle this alone. I'll support your growth through the seasons of change, helping you to rediscover a sense of empowerment in your life. 

image of hands clasped to represent trauma support


Painful past events can pop up at the worst possible moments. Traumatic experiences cause concentration and sleep difficulties and can frustrate efforts to rediscover the peace and happiness that currently eludes you. Fortunately, these common reactions can be examined and treated through the guidance of a compassionate therapist. I'll help you unpack your experiences, guiding you to  acceptance and peace.  

Ready to become the person that you've
always known you could be?

1. Explore: Contact me here for a FREE 15-minute consultation, where we'll get to know each other and you can ask me any questions you might have.

2. Engage: Meet with me in person or online weekly or biweekly to collaborate as we explore your struggles, build coping skills to help you feel empowered and relaxed about your biggest challenges, and more in charge of how you want YOUR life to unfold.

3. Evolve: Take the experience of feeling validated and known in sessions with you as you apply strategies toward feeling confident, competent, and more like your authentic self. 

Offering in-person therapy for adults with anxiety, major life changes, and painful life experiences in person in San Clemente, CA and online throughout California and Texas

Therapy in-person in San Clemente, CA and online throughout California and Texas.


Want to sit down together in the same room? Join me in my San Clemente therapy office to get started on the work you want and need to do. We’ll create a safe and connected space in order to lean into the difficult discussions, but we’ll also have time for lighthearted conversation that focuses on helping you decrease the stress you’re struggling with and learn how to thrive and have the life you want most.

Prefer to fit our work into your schedule by letting it come to you? Online therapy in California and Texas with me is always an option. Telehealth therapy has been shown by research to be as effective as in-person therapy. It makes therapy more accessible to everyone, everywhere. This is therapy from the comfort of your home or private office. Stay relaxed on your own couch, with your pillow and blanket, maybe snuggled up with your favorite pet. Avoid the hassle of dealing with traffic or inclement weather. Fit a session into your workday, wherever you are. 

Online therapy allows you to maximize your schedule, giving you more options for session times without having to travel to your therapist's office, and saves you valuable time to put towards work or quality time  with family and friends.

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